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$50 – Student Member 

Those individuals studying any of the fields eligible for Associate membership

$195 – Associate Member

Designers, Architects, Installers, professional organizers and other professionals providing closet related services.

$395 – Regular Member

Business entities engaged in selling and installing closets and interior storage solutions to end-users

$450 – Supplier Member

Manufacturers, suppliers and other industry service providers

Member Benefits

Opening the Doors to New Opportunities

Consumer Closet and Storage Professional Locator
Consumers can go online to and locate a closet and storage professional.  Member’s contact information is listed on the ACSP website.  Consumers can then link directly to the member’s own website to find out more about your company and offerings.

Online Peer Discussion Forum
Members can visit the members only section of the ACSP website and post discussion questions with other members in the association.  The board is active on a regular basis as members are notified when a new post has been submitted.

Design Tips and Construction Guideline Brochures (English, French and Spanish)
The ACSP Standards Committee released the first edition of the brochure Design Techniques and Construction Tips which is available to members to purchase at a discounted rate.  This brochure is a useful tool for members to use when working with designers and builders.

Bankcard Processing Discount – NEW
Take the cost savings challenge!  How much money can you save your business?  ACSP is pleased to announce a NEW special credit card processing offer for its members.  As an ACSP member you will enjoy the following benefits:  Free cost analysis; Interchange rate plus 4 basis points for Visa and Mastercard; 30 cent transaction fee; $5 statement fee; $25 application fee; no batch fees, no contract, no cancellation fees; no down time when switching; next day funding; 24/7 support; dedicated ACSP phone line for you to call; and personalized service.

Discounts on Magnetic Space Planning Boards
Masterplan Magnetics/ViewIT has teamed up with ACSP to offer a special discount rate for purchasing the Magnetic Closet Space Planning Board.  These magnetic boards are useful tools for your sales personnel and designers to use when planning a closet or storage space with customers so they can visualize the layout and look of it.

Discount Registration Fees to the Closet and Home Organization Show
Members of the ACSP will receive a special discount on registration fees for the Closet and Home Organizations Shows.

Top-Notch Educational Sessions
ACSP members can take advantage of top quality speakers and educational topics that have been specifically designed for what is useful, a hot topic and informational to your business.  Sessions are given by both industry members, who have experience on the subject matter and professional speakers, who can get you to think out of the box and provide strategies to run your business more effectively.  Currently these educational sessions are being given at the Annual Closet and Home Organization Expo.

Hands-On Demonstrations at Annual Industry Trade Show
During the annual Closet and Home Organization Expo, you can take advantage of hands-on demonstrations on the show floor where you and your staff will be able to experience training on specific functions related to the profession.

Peer to Peer Roundtable Sessions
At the annual Closet and Home Organization Expo, you will be able to exchange ideas, experiences, and learn about techniques that can change and enhance the way that you do business.  Networking with your fellow peers is one of the best learning opportunities you have.  The information exchanged in these roundtable sessions is priceless.

Membership Directory
Members have access to their fellow peer members and associate members 24/7 via the online membership directory.  You can go to the ACSP website and download the most current list of members.  Printed and electronic formats are also available upon request.

Monthly Association News Bites
Each month ACSP Members will be emailed News Bites.  This is a monthly email news update of activities, projects and programs being worked on by the ACSP Board and Committees.  Announcements and other industry related information is also included in News Bites when applicable.

Use of Association Logo for Promotional Materials
All current ACSP members are entitled to use the ACSP logo in their promotional materials, business cards, websites, etc., within the parameters set in the logo usage policy.  Consumers and others in the industry will identify your company as a part of the professional national industry association.

Truck Decals
To enhance your identity and strengthen the continuity as an ACSP member, you can purchase at a discounted rate ACSP member logos for your business vehicles and trucks.

Member Window Clings
Display your membership on the windows of your business.  ACSP members receive window clings that can be displayed in your business windows promoting your professional membership to consumers and others in the industry.

Public Relations Efforts to Enhance Industry and Consumer Awareness
The ACSP Public Relations Committee works to continually “get the word out” about the association and about the closet and storage industry to drive consumers and other related businesses to our members.

24-7 Online Membership Profile Updating Capabilities
ACSP Members have the ability to update their membership profiles whenever there is a change in their information so that consumers can have access to your most current contact information.

Invest in Developing Industry Advancements and Certification
You have the opportunity to be involved in developing industry advancements through projects and surveys to create tools to enhance your business and bring new options and opportunities to your customers.  The ACSP is currently investigating the development of a certification program for builders and installers to help you provide the best knowledge and skills available to your customers.

Free Logo Advertising on the ACSP Website – NEW
As an ACSP member, you will receive free advertising of your company’s logo with a link to your own website on our site.  Members logos will appear randomly on the pages of the website.  All you have to do is upload your logo and link into your member profile and we will take care of the rest.  Randomly when your logo appears, consumers will be able to click on your logo and it will link them directly with your website.

Being a Part of a Unified Voice in the Closet Industry
As a member of ACSP, you are a part of a national organization who is working with you on developing projects, standards, public relations and certification programs to enhance your business as a closet and storage professional.  Your voice can be heard through the exchange of information and ideas in discussions and surveys that can help drive the industry in the development of new and innovative products and to strive for the highest of quality and craftsmanship.

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