ACSP Certification

You’re an educated, knowledgeable, experienced storage designer who wants everyone to know just how accomplished you really are. It’s the perfect time for you to apply to become officially certified by the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals, the industry’s most renowned trade organization representing custom storage designers and companies nationwide.

A committee of industry experts developed this program, the first of its kind available specifically to storage designers, to assist designers in marketing their skills, promoting their achievements and defining their careers to both consumers and employers as the true, established professionals in this competitive & specialized design field.

ACSP certification is based upon five key areas: Knowledge, Experience, Education, Client Recommendation, and Design. These standards are what define a designer, what sets him or her apart from the competition. The ACSP wants to acknowledge its certified designers in an effort to not only help them generate incremental business, but also to acknowledge them for their continued efforts over the course of their careers.

In the application process, designers will be asked to meet a list of specific requirements ranging from education, hands-on experience, client recommendations, and, most importantly, the certification examination and design challenge. Click here for the list of certification levels and respective requirements.

Based on passing the examination and submitting additional evidence of certification eligibility, qualified designers can be certified at one of three levels – Registered Storage Designer, Certified Storage Designer, or Master Storage Designer – and qualify for the many benefits of each respective level, including:

  • The ability to market your certification status to consumers and potential employers as a Registered Storage Designer, Certified Storage Designer, or Master Storage Designer
  • License to include the certification logo and name on business cards, stationery and marketing materials
  • Searchable listing on the ACSP website

Why wait another day to be recognized and appreciated for all your hard work? Click here for the printable Application for Designer Certification.