There are only three people in the world that have achieved master level certification in closet design.

Why is that a big deal?  Why should you want to join this elite group?

Well, I asked Eric Marshall with Kitchens and Closets by DEA and Lisa Carlquist with Artisan Custom Closets exactly those questions.  I’ll also give you my take…

In case you haven’t pieced this together, the three people with Master Designer Level Certifications are those two and myself, Denise Butchko.

From Eric’s point of view:

It adds integrity.  I actually wear my badge when I go on sales calls.  It brings credibility to my designs and it shows loyalty to the closet industry.

Doctors have to receive continuing education.  So do architects, interior designers and lots of other professions.  It’s important that our industry establish the same kind of further education practices so we can level up what we do and how we work.

From Lisa’s point of view:

Originally, I told my designers during a sales meeting about the Certification Process through the ACSP.  They all seemed excited but no one took action or applied.  I decided to lead by example and get certified!

As a business owner, I’m glad to display my certifications (Master Storage Designer) in my office.  It shows our customers that I’m not only a business owner, but they also KNOW this specific business can personally help them if the need arises.

As for my designers, they are the ONLY designers in the Atlanta market that are certified through the ACSP.  I use this fact in radio and print ads.  Also, our designers all wear name badges and their certification is proudly displayed on their badge.  This occasionally brings about questions from customers and gives the designer the opportunity to talk about themselves and their qualifications.

Being certified by the ACSP means that you and your company care enough about your clients to go the extra mile to make certain that the designers are trained in all aspects of custom storage solutions.

From my point of view:

My perspective harmonizes with what both Lisa and Eric shared.  I would add that I train and teach closet design.  And I’ve “branded” myself as a closet design expert.  That’s my differentiating factor.  I decided early on that I would not compete on price.  I can design spectacularly efficient and beautiful custom storage solutions for people.  Having professional certification amps up my street cred and enables me to get projects based on my expertise, not the commodities (melamine and wood) that I use to get their storage solutions built.

So, what about you?  Where do you land on this?  What would prompt you to put youir professionalism on the line and take the designer certifications