Part of working in the closet industry involves going into people’s homes and often into their closets, alone.  That can put anyone in a very vulnerable position.

Incoming ACSP President, Wendy Scott shares the following:

“Several years ago I read an article in NJ Realtor Magazine about Beverly Carter.  She was a woman who was kidnapped from a real estate showing and later murdered (do yourself a favor and look up the foundation and story).  This being said, it hit home about how closely my job *and many other) paralleled hers.  As Closet Designers, we brand and self promote ourselves, we stop at new contruction sites, we measure vacant, under construction homes, we schedule our own appointments with strangers, and the list goes on”.

Lisa Carlquist of Artisan Closets knows too much about this subject as well.  One of her designers has been trapped in a closet by a client.

How many of these incidents go unreported or un-shared?  Always let someone know where you are, be aware of your surroundings, keep you phone on you…simple tips that can make a difference.  After being convicted of her murder, they interviewed the man as to why…his answer: “because she was a woman who worked alone”.

Click here for Beverly’s story

Installers and shop crews are the general focus when it comes to safety management in our industry.  All companies should have a safety policy for their designers too.  If your company already has a plan in place, consider a gentle reminder and policy review.  Although no issues are known to have been reported in our industry, why wait for a tragedy to be your wake up call?

There are personal security devices available – check  The ACSP gave some away at Closet Con in the ACSP swag bag (another reason to attend next time in Charlotte and get yourself some good swag)…